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Chic & Artistic, aka Corinne Black and Axel d’Harcourt, is a director duo based in Paris. They met while working for an advertising agency and their collaboration started with an animated TV series project about the Trendsetters universe. Having developed their talents, particularly in graphic design in the music industry, they turned to filmmaking by creating a music video for the English pop band The Servant, based on the artwork of one of their record sleeves. Since their beginnings as directors, they have constantly tackled a great variety of projects, always wishing to improve their creativity and widen their range of skills : music videos, commercials, motion design, opening credits, content… They rely on their combined experience in graphic design, fine art, film and music, in order to give birth to one-of-a-kind creative concepts, always inspired by the topic. They have directed music videos for artists such as Dan Black, Dragonette, Kaskade, Kid Cudi, Kelis… and commercial films for brands like MTV, l’Oréal, Ubisoft… among others. Chic & Artistic’s films are always poetic in a way, with a touch of irony. Their style is characterized by a perfect blend of live action and motion design.

Music: Mirwais « Disco Science”

Chic & Artistic work samples, all concepted, directed and produced in-house.


あはれ!名作くん 第61話「ノキオ探検隊」

1度見たら忘れられないイラストでお馴染み!JUN OSON氏のキャラデザインによるショートアニメーション「あはれ!名作くん」。世界にある様々な名作(おとぎ話、昔話、映画、演劇、小説などなど…)。そんな名作物語の登場人物を、こよなく愛する生徒が集まった学校がある… 学校の名前は竜宮小学校。 主...

映画 『犬ヶ島』

<第68回ベルリン国際映画祭> オープニング作品!銀熊賞(監督賞)受賞!! 全世界で大ヒットし、アカデミー賞最多9部門ノミネート、最多4部門受賞の『グランド・ブダペスト・ホテル』(14)の製作陣が再結集!映画『犬ヶ島』2018年5月25日(金)日本公開!!! 全編にわたり日本を舞台とし、失踪...