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Set in the post Civil War west, LAS NUEVE VIDAS DE PACO, is the epic tale of six men who have been cheated. Cheated out of their pride. After loosing their horses during the night, Los Banditos set out on foot to seek revenge on their mortal enemy, “The Law”, and save their enslaved companero, Paco. What follows is a spectacular visual feast of epic cinematography in which the six fight incredible odds to remain friends.
LAS NUEVE VIDAS DE PACO is the first in a trilogy encompassing the classic struggle of good vs evil (or evil vs good), with an ending that will twist your guts up. The old west extravaganza represents yet another stepping-stone in the soon to be legacy of film-making from GSF.

Directors:Spike Jonze & Rick Howard
Producers:Christian Tuttle & Girl Skateboard Films
Videographers:Aaron Meza & Kris Kachikis, Tim Dowling


ホームレス ニューヨークと寝た男

身長188cm、デザイナーズスーツを着こなす、ロマンスグレーのナイスミドル。実はホースレス!? 快活な話術でニューヨークの街ゆくモデルやファッショニスタたちに声をかけシャッターを切る、ファッション・フォトグラファーのマーク。元モデルのハンサムでチャーミングなルックス、スマートな身のこなしの彼...
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