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Out of all human being living on this planet Earth… those who have white skin.
This is a voice towards a very particular group of white people in USA.
You know who you are. ARE YOU NUTS?

If you are one of those lunatics,
why don’t you fly to the silver moon together, bring only your “friends” and live happily ever after?

We thought Martin Luther King Jr’s iconic speech made us become one.
When Michael Jackson’s sang his songs… When Michal Jordan made some legendary shots….
We thought we all shared the moment together… we thought were all united…

…and what do we have now?
We simply cannot understand.

John and Cyndi… they are also white!
Didn’t you hear them sing their voices against racism???

Hello? Good morning.
Do not go back to sleep!

Just use your imagination.
What will you say, when your family, friends or your partner got caught up in the same thing???
Do you think it’s funny?
Enough is enough!!!

If you really can’t comprehend, then just fly to the moon.
You will only be surrounded by your happy allies. But wait until “it” all starts again!

We will watch you through the satellite TV.
Your foolish, senseless, ludicrous nature!
Let’s see how long you will survive with your disgusting habit.
We will watch you until the moment you all die.