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Beyond the Walls of Eden: Prelude by Scarlett Rouge and Saulo Madrid

Scarlett Rouge
Scarlett Rouge’s practice echoes her nomadic life – influenced by mythos, geographical settings, and navigations between cultures and disciplines. A central thesis in Rouge’s work is the renegotiation of ancient myths, coupled with the contemporary gaze, towards depicting our current political and sociological systems within an eternal timeless context. Rouge’s mediums include: painting, sculpture, performance, video and installation art. Currently based in Torino, Italy, Rouge has mostly splits her time between Los Angeles, and Paris, France.

Saulo Madrid 
Madrid specializes in the creation and mediation of content across multi-platform echo-systems that include print, video, film, architectural, and responsive and augmented installations. Through storytelling, curation, and philosophy, Saulo Madrid’s practice blurs the boundaries of the art world’s normative labels. Beyond his personal research, Madrid’s practice keenly integrates collaborations with an international scope of artists, architects, programmers, designers, galleries and museums.

PRODUCTION COMPANY Cinq Etoiles Productions, Owenscorp France
DURATION 11:30 min.
LANGUAGE (if any) English
MUSIC Simon Whetham
CAST Michele Lamy, Scarlett Rouge, Philip Orphee
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Scarlett Rouge and Saulo Madrid
STYLIST Lola D’Haese
HAIR Cicci Svahn
MAKE-UP Pablo Rodriguez